We Turn Your Event into the First Class Ceremony
Birthday Blast

It was an opportunity to make n feel special to the birthday boy in his day. Colourful Ballons and white Ribbon created the feel of dream into Reality. The Smile of all little Ones with the rainbow colours touched the heart of each Parents and Friends with the whisper of a sound “I Just Love It “.

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Exquisite Appetizers & French Style Dessert
Syska product Launching

Super organised and creative work in a short time made the Syska Company proud in front of there clients and guests. Our team members from DJ to Sound, MC to Venu, Food to Bevrages, photographer to Press Repoters Karaoke Singer to Bollywood Dancer knot that moment in a Big Smile in the face of each one of them.

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Chef’s Secret Ingredient: Love in Every Bite
Rang de One

It was an Season of Love and Colour in One, with awesome Dj And Shiamak Canada dance group with an colour flying on each one of us and stomach filling with various food of taste. Laughing, Dancing, singing with oneself and together made a Day. That’s what call Rang de One.

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Perfect Mix for a Successful Business Party
BINITA N RUSHI Wedding Event

Not only the couples talking to eachother but the every decoration,flowers,mandap,Music, Pandit,Lights,catering ,Guests,every moment of wedding was talking to eachother ,it was an fantastic work in short time ,n more than my clients expectations ,Thankyou you BINITA N RUSHI to show your believe in my organisation and giving us this opportunity .

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Professional Catering for Children Events
School Project

Adventure Camp imparts essential life skills to urban kids who are used to a luxurious living and a lot of hand-holding in many aspects of life. These camps will expose them to living a life with just the basic necessities; introduce them to the beauty of untouched Nature through the wondrous flora and fauna and learning to make the most of the available resources and circumstances.
Such experiences equip a child with survival skills, develop a sense to trust the gut and follow Nature’s guidelines towards leading a meaningful life.

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